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Quick tip: Get in control by using your GitHub context

2024-02-16 4 min read Technical Bas Van De Sande
GitHib actions and workflows are very powerful by nature. They help me to build and deploy my Azure environments, without having me to do all the tedious and errorprone work. I create a pull request, have it peer reviewed and once approved my environments are provisoned the way I envisioned it. This is also the case at my current assignment for a large organization. Last year the organization decided that a new change management system (which name I refuse to pronounce) should handle all changes. Continue reading

Note to self: fix invalid GitHub credentials in VSCode

2023-06-13 2 min read Technical Bas Van De Sande
From time to time I start working on projects for new customers. As soon as I start I receive an invitation from Github to join the customer’s Github organization. Most of the organization have a SAML based single sign on (SSO). After joining the organization using my personal Github account, I’m able to work on the repositories on which I have access. So far so good… Then the moment comes that I need to clone the repository, which can be a hassle from time-to-time. Continue reading

Multi-staged GitHub Pipeline

2021-09-11 3 min read Technology Bas Van De Sande
At the moment I’m working on some infrastructure pipelines to build and deploy Azure infrastructure for one of our clients. For me a cool project as I’m learning to work with technologies such as Bicep and GitHub actions. In this project we use GitHub actions for the CI/CD process. In this process every time a pull request is merged in the main branch, an automated build, test and deployment process is triggered. Continue reading