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2022-02-18 2 min read General Bas Van De Sande

Almost a year ago I created this blog… I mean not exactly this blog, but its predecessor “”. I thought that the name did match the content. Fast Forward a couple of months in time…. I learned that my job as Azure Coding Architect involved quite a few more technology areas than just Azure. Furthermore I was not happy with the look-and-feel of the blog; it was visually not attractive. Time for a major overhaul!

Ditch the old domain name

The first step was to thing of a new name for the blog. I was thinking of names like “” in which I could serve small bites of technology where byte had a double meaning as I work in IT. But as usual, most catchy domain names have been taken already. Suddenly I dawned to me: I work as a technical solution architect, I love coding and I focus primarily on Azure. In my daytime job, I picked the function title Azure Coding Architect. So why not extend it to a blog? This domain name turned out to be available…

Get rid of the boring design

At Xpirit, one of our four core principles is “Quality without a compromise”. In this blog, I want to give my best. Therefor step 1 was to upgrade the design. The theme had to be slick, visually appealing and consistent.

I looked at the templates available for Hugo and stumbled on the great Bilberry Hugo theme. I made some small changes to the css files to get the color scheme I envisioned. The next step was to get a consistent and appealing look by adding a colorful image at the top of each article.

Difference in look and feel

The overhaul - with the colorful graphics and smooth fonts gives this blog much more the look and feel of a fancy magazine.

Broader content

As I got rid of the old name “somethingAzure”, I feel less constrained in the choice of posts I want to write. Inspired by all sorts of master classes, innovation days, side projects, lectures and technologies I already have some ideas of the articles I want to write. The Azure Coding Architect blog gives me a blanc canvas to write all sorts of conceptual, inspirational and techinal articles.

Happy times ahead!