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Certification Renewal

2021-08-09 2 min read general Bas van de Sande
When Microsoft introduced the new role based certifaction paths, a new expiration policy was set as well. After two years (as of july 2021, one year) the certification will expire, and you have to renew it in order to keep it. At the time, I was among the first people who passed the new certifications and back then the new expiration policy was unclear. There was no information on how to renew the certifications and costs involved, until a few weeks ago… Continue reading

DevOps All the Way

2021-07-30 3 min read technology Bas van de Sande
In Practice what you preach I wrote that I decided to host my blog on the Azure platform, using Hugo as content management system, Blob Storage and Azure CDN for hosting the blog. The only thing lacking is a workflow of writing content, approving it and publishing it on the web. As I work for a company that specialized on Azure and DevOps, I decided to take the plunge and go DevOps all the way. Continue reading

Practice what you preach!

2021-07-27 3 min read technology Bas van de Sande
When I decided to start blogging again, I knew I wanted to talk about the things I face, working with Azure. In the past I used to blog as well, back then I blogged on my Journey into CRM which I started in 2014. In 2014 the state of technology was much different; one would use WordPress (or similar). The main choice was host it yourself or host it at a hosting provider. Continue reading


2021-07-24 2 min read general Bas van de Sande
You have found my personal blog. This blog will be focused around Microsoft Azure technologies, hence the name “something Azure”. Let me introduce myself, my name is Bas van de Sande and I work as an Azure Coding Architect at Xpirit in the Netherlands. As part of my daily job, I offer technical guidance, advice and hands-on assistance for a large number of (global) companies in various industries. I have been working with Microsoft technologies since 1995 in various technical roles, since that time I have seen a large number of technologies passing by (Visual Studio technologies, SQL Server, BizTalk, Microsoft. Continue reading
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